Get a Yo whenever there's a Product Hunt with > 150 upvotes

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Just a heads up about Yo ProductHunted - @andrewudell and I modded it after Yo 1.1, so that now it'll send you the link to the product in the Yo. Also, because > 100 upvotes meant people we're getting a ton of yo's, we increased the threshold to 150.
@mattjmcnaughton @AndrewUdell smart! Looking forward to the next yo, yo.
@rrhoover @mattjmcnaughton Another heads-up...we've received a lot of requests to increase the threshold so we've increased it to 500 upvotes. If it feels like too much, we'll lower it.
I've been using this since Andrew first showed it to me. And it's been working pretty well so far. In the future, maybe I could also get a Yo for PH @mentions. But at that point, I'd just wait until @rrhoover makes a PH iOS app. :)
@kylry sshhhh, top secret!
@rrhoover don't forget android :)
Just got my first YO from PRODUCTHUNTED, and it's about PRODUCTHUNTED—so meta!
@jasoncrawford @rrhoover How do I like a comment? :)
@orarbel Hmm, weird, my first attempt at using emoji, they don't show up correctly in Chrome. I am such an emoji noob
@Betaworks intern @AndrewUdell and his friend Matt McNaughton built this in a weekend. I've been using it every day as a quick alert about whether there's something trending on Product Hunt.