Yo Meerkat

Get a Yo when your twitter friends start a stream

We’ve noticed that when you sign up to Meerkat you don’t know when your friends start streaming. One of our engineers took a weekend and came back with “Yo Meerkat” — Get a Yo with the live stream when a friend starts a Meercast (and it's open sourced). The “with the live stream” part is pretty cool, since Yo allows sending links and deep-linking, when you open the notification it opens the Meerkat app and takes you right to the stream.
when people I follow on meerkat start streaming, I get a push notification from the app. I don't get why you'd need additional notification functionality beyond that?
@_jacksmith you signed up before twitter cut off Meerkat's access to your twitter followers, so you don't need this. Everyone that joined Meerkat after 3/13 don't get these push notifications, so this help these users. (http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/13...)
@orarbel na, I signed up after. But I just manually added the people. That's cool if you just do it automatically
@_jacksmith right. If you manually follow all your Twitter friends it's the same.