Yo Button

Embed the Yo Button on your site & yo your fans, yo

#5 Product of the DayJune 21, 2014
@orarbel just released the Yo Button, a widget you can embed on your site. It looks like this: Once the user clicks the button, it displays the username to "yo" to get a "yo" when that event occurs. I just created one here. When a product reaches 50 upvotes on Product Hunt, you'll get a "yo." Or - want to jump in w/ more details, yo? Here's the original Yo thread.
there's a big vision for Yo - you'll all hear it soon straight from Or :)
Wow, I really like this. I'm actually starting to catch the Yo vision. Context is king!
Please make it stop.
The idea of notifications that you can sign up for without downloading another app is incredibly powerful. You could sprinkle these buttons within Tweets and Facebook posts. Most interestingly, I think a Yo subscription humanizes the service. It almost feels like ProductHunt, your friend, is calling out "Yo!" to you as a person.
@jiggityk I want to create my own custom sound. Heya! Wassup! Ding Dong! ...the possibilities are endless.
@jiggityk YES! I love The Office.