Yo B*tch

Yo app by Aaron Paul

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Nothing against Yo, but I'm getting Yo clone fatigue (see the Yo for X collection). The joke is getting stale. :) I'd much rather see products like Pip! (released yesterday) that take elements of what works with Yo and does something unique or more useful.
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@rrhoover Yoverdose ? ;-)
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@rrhoover Wish Pip! was available outside the U.S.!
@rrhoover I helped make this. I hear you on all the clones, *I* even have fatigue just hearing about them, but after a couple months in building this with AP I still laugh every time I get a YB.
@rrhoover PS, Pip is rad :)
I think I'm getting old...
@eriktorenberg didn't we talk about this exact app to license famous people's voices #remarkablehouse
@taylorhou "if you built facebook...you would have built facebook" or something like that.
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