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#5 Product of the DayJune 15, 2015
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@itskathuria lol, when GIFs lack context (I'm not sure what emotion this is supposed to convey 😂)
This is our biggest update yet. Yo 2.0 introduces a slick and powerful platform whilst staying true to our minimalist roots. The new UI allows us to expand the things (or "contexts" as we call them) that you will be able to send in one tap to your closest friends, and now to groups as well. At this point we kept it simple with only 3 options but the possibilities are endless. Looking forward to your feedback product hunters
@orarbel congrats on the launch or! what was one key feature you thought about putting in but took out last minute + why?
@eriktorenberg we had more "contexts" to share when swiping left or right: your next calendar item, your weather, your clipboard. we decided it's important to keep it simple when releasing a new interface, to not overwhelm our users with too many things to swipe through. ship with the most common used "contexts", get feedback, and expand if makes sense.
I like the photos. Stepping on Snapchat's turf (if it were more widely adopted) and Group Yo's aren't a bad idea either. Personally, I thought we had seen the passing of Yo.
Yo is back with lots of cool things ! More informations here : https://medium.com/@YoAppStatus/... cc @orarbel
Great UI! <3