Cards Against Humanity meets GIFs

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This game got a huge new update. So much fun. Plus this video is genius.
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hahahaha that video is awesome
Cool idea! I've downloaded and connected with FB. However, when I go to search for my friends, nothing appears...maybe I'm doing something wrong?
@markbrooksdodd - Thanks for checking it out! Only friends with the game installed will show up on that list so you can start a game. You will need to invite your friends first and once they install it, they will appear.
@mrdiggles1 Thanks. Is there any easy way to invite friends within the app? I couldn't see any easy 'invite friends' button.
@markbrooksdodd - For sure! When you go to start a new game with friends, if you go to "more" you will see the methods in which you can invite people.
Looks quite fun! When will the android version be available?
@fabianmarz - Appreciate your interest! The Android version is midway to being completed and should be available in the next couple of months. You can sign up for the alert for when it is ready here: http://yix.io/android/ We are also accepting beta testers. So if you are interested please email me: benjamin@yix.io
I would be so down for this... once it's on Android