It's like Cards Against Humanity, but with GIFs.

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I shared this with my friends, and I think they're in love. Never seen them so excited about an "app" that I've recommended to them.
@blakeir Thanks so much Blake! We love this kind of feedback.
@jennydiggles Hey - so, we've been playing a bunch of rounds and I really like it. My only point of feedback would be that for tiebreakers, the person asking the question doesn't get an opportunity to win the crown. Is there any plan for users to be able to edit settings of a match? For example, allowing users to choose to make it a 7 round game - instead of 3?
@blakeir Great feedback. Right now the way it works is everyone has a chance to be judge until there is a definitive winner. If there is a tie, the game continues until someone is the winner. We have talked about allowing the judge to set the 'rules' for the game, including allowing the judge to say what types of GIFs they want to see (all 90's, Kanye only, etc) but we haven't built out the logic for it yet. I love hearing this feedback - it helps us weigh the potential features in our roadmap. Thank you!
We built YIX because we wanted to play the game. We love GIFs, humor, and making other people laugh, plus we saw a demand for multi-player mobile games. We launched our MVP in July and are about to release a bunch of new features.
@jennydiggles 1) what's been month over month traction with the MVP? (MAU / Retention?) 2) how will you guys monetize and have you started already? 3) where will you be in 6 months?
@frumpy I am excited to answer these questions. 1) The traction with the MVP exceeded our expectations. The goal of the MVP was to gain feedback and work out kinks, and what we saw was we doubled players month over month and have a MAU of 30%. Also, for every player we add to YIX, they invite on average another 1.5 players into the game. 2) We have a 2 (maybe 3) pronged approach for revenue. The first and obvious one is IAPs. We have one IAP right now to allow for players to expand their favorites and we see that already monetizing at 1.5% (we expect to raise this to 3% with a goal of 5%, but are happy the MVP monetized based on our hypothesis.) The second and primary way we will monetize is through advertising. We built into the game a very easy way for sponsors to weave GIF ad content into the game. When players are 'dealt' a hand of 10 GIFs, there will be up to 3 additional GIFs that are sponsored content. We have started conversations with sponsors and expect to see early revenue from this in this quarter. The third way we are considering monetizing is through an in -person Party Play mode and altering it slightly for bars and restaurants for a monthly fee. Trivia is fun, but GIFs are MORE fun for both participants and viewers in a bar setting. We'll be testing this out this quarter. 3) We're on an aggressive growth plan, so in six months I expect us to be in a place where we are continuing to grow at a rapid rate and have proven the value of advertising in YIX. I expect the look and feel of the game to be updated as well with a few new features for players. But for now, the focus is on happy players, stellar growth, and excited advertisers.
@jennydiggles Am I only able to play with people I invite? Can't play with random people? If correct, please tell us about the decision to impose this limit.
@frumpy Right now it is only with people you invite. However, in our next release we are launching 'Stranger Danger' that will allow you to play with random people.
@frumpy if you want to play, add me on Facebook and I'll start a game with you and few others. facebook.com/jennydiggles
@frumpy One other thing on the month over month growth and next 6 months- We launched with English only and have been pleasantly surprised to see YIX has been installed in 79 countries. If we see this traction continue, we will evaluate localizing the content and adding other languages. For now, English (and the US) are the primary audience, but we love seeing the international interest as well.