Cards Against Humanity meets GIFs

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@andyfortson thanks for the post! Currently you must use Facebook to login and play - however we opening it up to other connections such as email and Twitter very soon. Thanks for the love @brnt @turoczy @rrhoover! @dskaletsky - it has been awesome working with Knowtify.io and I am excited to expand with you!
@mrdiggles is it just me, or are invites to play via Facebook not getting sent/received? I’ve sent out multiple invites to Facebook friends from w/in the app, and they tell me they haven’t seen anything. But, I am loving this a little too much. ;)
@thomasknoll nope it's not just you. They are in fact getting the invite but they show up as an "app invite" not a message and a lot of people turn these off or hide them. We are working on a workaround so it is more visible. This is where they show up for people: https://www.facebook.com/games/a... As an alternative you can use the "More Options" button to the right of the Facebook Invite option and inform people that way. Sorry for the confusion.
@mrdiggles thank you for the explanation. Yeah I'm pretty sure I have those turns off as well... Does Facebook API allow you to create FB messages?
@thomasknoll I think so but I need to check with our developer. Either way it seems like a smarter way to go then the App Invite approach.
Let's play!! Add thomasknoll
@thomasknoll Hmmmm.. I'm not sure you can add usernames. I think it's just Facebook friends right now. At least I can't figure it out.
This game is awesome. Been playing with my friends over lunch and couldn't stop laughing.
I have to admit that this has already derailed me a few times and I've only been playing it for a day or so. You have been warned ;)
Great tagline, @anyfortson. Everyone else take note. cc'ing my friends at Giphy @alexchung, @adamcl, and @namslam.
@rrhoover And don't forget the other recent Portland gif app on Product Hunt, Nutmeg, by @thejulielogan ;)
@turoczy I forgot about @thejulielogan's Portland connection. REPRESENT!
@rrhoover yeeeeah! my home-away-from. Thank goodness Virgin has such cheap flights ;) @turoczy love that the PNW is crushing the gif game! @mrdiggles (a) love the handle (b) excited to play (c) next time I'm in PDX, coffee?! yes? yes. looking forward to it :)
@thejulielogan Let's line it up as soon as you get back into town!