$80 action camera from Xiaomi

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Xiaomi is the Rocket Internet of Hardware ;-) (Copycat Factory)
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60fps at 1080p! That's really good. And if it's a Sony Lens that's also really good. Gonna get me one of these for sure.
Hi, Guys. This is Sean, founder of Yi Camera. Very happy to be here. Thrilled to know u like the product.
Does Xiaomi pay royalties to the likes of GoPro / Apple / Samsung? With prices this low on their mobile products, it seems like they couldn't even cover those fees. Is this why they can't launch in America?
Xiaomi is going to take over the world. Also, they need to have a spell check "Recoomend use Glass 10 for better experience "
@ashmotamedi Pretty sure that's not the official Xiaomi site :) I bought their Hongmi phone as a cheap adventure travel phone last year, and am amazed - it's much better than what I expected.
@ramin yeah i figured it wasn't the official site. Glad to hear that the product is awesome! I might get one now :)