Yeti run for SkiFree

A nostalgic game for those, who remember skifree.exe game

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Hi, hunters! I'm a part of the happy generation, who grows together with the young Windows platform (after dark days of MSDos). And i think the legendary skifree.exe is one of the most remarkable thing, happened on PC at that times. So now, we would like to remind you that experience with remake of this game for iPhone. Now it's faster, more casual, but we still find this grey guy extremely creepy. Have a nice ride!
Hi, mates! This game is about a nightmare of PC-gamers - the creepy as hell Abominable Snow Monster. You can't find a mercy in his filled-with-blood eyes. His mission is to catch you. Your mission is to survive. Don't be confused by cute trees, shine of snow under your skies and peaceful skiers, riding down - this is a real fight! Only one will survive, and now there isn't a F-key to speed-up - you can rely on your skills only. I couldn't find a reason, why you should pay for such a simple game, so it's completely free. I hope, you'll get some fun, and remember those cool-old days.
Haaa!!! fantanstic, takes me back... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Ah Windows 95! SkiFree was amazing and very scary, especially the first time!
Reminds me a lot of Skiing Yeti Mountain πŸ‘
@philipkuklis Exactly! We've got some inspiration in this game during development.