Yet Another Look Alike App

Find the celebrity you resemble the most using real ML

Discover the celebrity you resemble the most using an actual machine learning algorithm - this might be the most accurate look-alike app ever!
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Hey PH friends 👋, this is Sarim - I am an indie developer and designer from Toronto. I have got a fairly generic face, and I often get compared to a bunch of celebrities - from Daniel Radcliffe to Mr. Beans and everyone in between. A few weeks ago, I came across a celebrity look-alike app and I thought that now, finally, I'll be able to figure out which celebrity I resemble the most. Unfortunately, the app was paid and, judging from it's reviews, it looked like it was far from accurate. So I decided to build my own app using Google's open-source Machine Learning library: Tensorflow.js. It was a fun little project and today I am pleased to share the final app with you. I hope it makes you smile and I look forward to hearing your feedback!
Ok, I’m Christian Bale 😉😂 very cool, gonna further test it! Well done!