YesNoWTF Messenger bot

GIF backed foolproof™ decision making Messenger bot

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Hello again, nearly a year ago @crtvhd, Michael and I created and it went nuts. Still around 160 people are using our service every day to make foolproof™ decisions, including ourselves 💪🏻 Since bots are all around and I have never built one, I thought this is the perfect match to get into this topic. Messenger bot is here to help you make foolproof™ decisions right where you need them. Cheers, Mo
@neuling2k @crtvhd Bots everywhere! Love it. Is this built on the official api, or is this a completely standalone version?
@jollife @crtvhd Actually my first attempt was to use our own API and host the bot on AWS Lambda. But after some hours of digging into AWS Lambda i realised its much easier to just add an extra endpoint to the existing website. So it kind of uses our own API ;)
Best Bot in town. Helps me out everyday, like "Hey should I get up and get some work done? Please say no"