Decision making made easy backed with a suitable GIF

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Can we please get a Slack integration? πŸ™
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@rrhoover I just put together a quick Twitter integration that uses Twitter media etc I was going to do the Slack integration next.
@karlbright you're good πŸ‘
@karlbright @rrhoover you inspired me to create the slack bot. Check it here
Just used this to decide who had to make coffee. Wasn't me. 10/10.
@cyclia haha nice! thats exactly how to use πŸ‘
@cyclia Actually that's exactly how we came up with One day we had to decide who's gonna pick up pizza from a restaurant around the corner as we were too cheap for delivery #foundingstory
Will the Jays take the playoffs?
Decisions β€” we make them all the time, wether we gonna do something or not. Making a good decision might require some help, so here we are: β€” foolproofβ„’ decision-making + API
@neuling2k whats up - Love this, simple idea executed well. One thing, on the api modal you don't actually say which URL to make the call to. Or am I being stupid ?
@ddarrko @neuling2k thanks for your feedback! its above the json-result: GET "/api". but you are right, its hard to notice because of the light-gray text-color :/
πŸ‘€ I received a "maybe"!
@jollife screenshot or it didn't happen!
@jollife Consider yourself very very lucky. It doesn't happen very often ;)