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Hi folks, my team at YesGraph made this. This is an experimental side project. We started to dig into social graph visualization, and wanted to share what we came up with. What we're showing here are your friends and followers and who follows each other. Everyone's graph is different! Sometimes this makes for interesting clusters. Here is my graph. 170K edges! You can see Dropbox folks in the top left. https://www.yesgraph.com/visuali... Ryan Hoover's graph is bigger than mine, but blobbier. https://www.yesgraph.com/visuali... We were inspired my LinkedIn's InMaps from a few years ago, and I envy their awesome clustering. InMaps was clustered by schools and companies, but for Twitter the obvious clustering is around interests. But building an ontology and assigning a label to a group is pretty hard future work for this project. Shout out to the Graphistry folks for their data tools here! There is an immense amount of engineering we didn't need to do because we stood on their shoulders. https://www.graphistry.com/
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@ikirigin Hi Ivan! How long does this take? I waited overnight. :) Just curious, thanks!
@nikkielizdemere @ikirigin Hi Nichole, engineer at YesGraph here. It usually it only takes a couple minutes to generate a graph. We had a little trouble with the Graphistry API last night, but have deployed a fix. The backlog of graphs should be clearing now. Drop your email so we can make sure your graph gets to you? Thanks for your patience!
@martin_weiss @ikirigin Thank you! It's nikki.elizabeth at gmail.
Thanks Ivan! This is likewise an early experiment of sharing our stack with others. Happy to answer questions about what our other users are doing (e.g., for investigating events in Splunk), or how the live version uses GPUs in the client + cloud for new kinds of visual & analytics experiences. Interestingly, the TwinMap already revealed old friends who I should be following but haven't been :)
This is really cool guys. My graph is 70/30 tech/policy (I spent 2.5 years consulting with non-profits). http://tiny.cc/mp-twitter-graph
@morganpolotan we've really got to get on those group labels
These visualizations are always super interesting. Would love to see it expanded to offer more utility. E.g. who should I be following based on my existing graph?
@rrhoover I'm not sure if that is possible with Graphistry as is, but yeah seeing people that don't follow you or vice versa makes you want to take action. Great feedback!
@ikirigin @rrhoover super cool. Here's one for linkedIn! http://socilab.com/#home, hunted!
@ikirigin @rrhoover Our dev api release will support this kind of stuff, think of it like google maps strapped to a rocket. Your app controls what goes in and add interactivity to the labels. Logged in users get all the analytics UIs Ivan's team had access to behind the scenes: clustering, time comparisons, filtering, coloring, etc. Excited for the next rev of twinmaps b/c of that :)
Hi all, This is a visualization is from a brand new twitter account that autofollowed Twitter's 20 top suggestions. https://www.yesgraph.com/visuali... 9 of the suggested accounts follow each other in a really interesting pattern. In the center you get Jack Dorsey and Tim Cook representing Tech. Then you've got a "Pop" mafia with T-swift, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. And the SF sports cluster with SFGiants, Steph Curry, and the warriors (they must've done some location analysis on my new account! Cheers -- would love some feedback!