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I founded YesGraph AMA
Hmm, no questions yet so I'll write a bit about YesGraph. It helps you scale referrals by engaging your team. There are lots of interesting parts to this: matching your network to a given job, making a simple one-click referral system, design collaboration, etc. Probably the most interesting bit is that you might think publishing out messages on social media is a great way to get help with referrals. It turns out that closer affinity matters more than spread because people actually do the minimal work when they know you. Company social tools are really under appreciated.
Yo, @ikirigin! Love what you're doing. Early at PlayHaven, about half the team were former coworkers of me and our CEO, Andy Yang. It's hard to know who will be a good fit until you've worked with them before. Previously you were at Dropbox. What inspired you to take the leap and found YesGraph?
I like running a startup. Also, the idea came from Dropbox. I wrote a bit about it here: YesGraph is about taking a manual process that was effective at Dropbox and moving it online where it can get 100X faster because of all the data available.
@ikirigin looks cool. Interesting that it (appears) to start with the role over the people. I have sort of wanted a tool to help maintain a list of people I would love to hire (regardless of open role) and look for signals on when to reach out/touchbase. The window of opportunity is small. Any thoughts on letting me intelligently track people separate from filling a specific position?