Yes/No Messenger

The messaging app that cuts the bullsh*t out of texting

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I think this is a classic app. This is typically how I respond to text anyway! Good idea.
@derickdowns thanks Derick!! Theres definitely a lot of use cases, but during the beta we saw that a lot of our friends used it to organize plans or to see who was around on any given night.
cool app, good work @samjurist
@shyrosenzweig Thanks Shy! Appreciate the kind words
Love it!!
Simple yet affective, perfect!
@n8darc Thanks Nate! We also have a clear product roadmap including sharing questions to Twitter which has powerful polling potential as well as "Local Questions" a way to get immediate opinions from those around you in a given area.
@samjurist @n8darc Nice. I was just thinking how useful this'd be for polling during events. :)