All-in-one bar for your website

Yeps! allows you to add a bar to your website and use it to promote offers, collect emails, show a countdown and more. Bars have minimalist design and are super-easy to create and customize, with live preview available in the editor.

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Very cool, but super pricey...$19/mon to start? That's more than a monthly Squarespace subscription.
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@geekgirlweb Exactly! And no free plan either? My website doesn't get even close to 50K visits a month. Spending 19 USD per month seems a lot.
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@geekgirlweb Thanks, Rebecca. Pricing is not set in stone. Raise priced twice with with no negative effect on conversion rate. We'll see how it goes with Yeps!
@geekgirlweb @saifalfalah Thanks, Saif. We'll think it over.
Would love to see a 'free' tier for small entrepeneurs or side projects (with maybe only a few features?). Until then there's no way I can validate the $20 a month cost. Hope this changes as I would love to try this out on several of my websites!
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Hey @kwdinc thanks for hunting! We wanted to build a simple one bar to rule them all product, and here it is. Let me know if you like it, I think it's awesome :)
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@kwdinc @yakovkarda Can we make the bar fixed so that it scrolls?
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@walsh_ldn yup. Check "position" in campaign settings
Great idea, and both the bar and your website look good too. 10/10
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@highaced Thanks, Jordan!
Great job!! Any Wordpress plugin to use it ?
@ayush_chandra No as of now, sorry. But I believe there are plenty of plugins that allow to put the js code into the HEAD section