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Elizabeth Stavros
Elizabeth StavrosMaker@elizabethstavro · Co-founder
Hi PH! Our team is super excited for Product Hunters to be the first to try our new livestreaming platform Yeplive. Our Android app is live, and our iOS & web apps are in beta and ready for testing. We’ve been hard at work on this project over the past year and would love your feedback and hear your experiences with the app. It’s a work in progress, but we’d like our core community to help us make Yeplive what we intend it to be: the real-time voice of a community of people. This project stemmed from a desire to democratize the media landscape and give everyone a voice, no matter where they're from. Livestreaming is trending right now, there are other cool players that have recently entered the space like Meerkat and Periscope. So, you might be asking, what makes us different? For those of you who don’t only share socially to Twitter, Yeplive also shares live video to other social platforms like Facebook, G+ and soon to Instagram. You can also archive your videos to your profile. We have a lot of features coming down the pipeline, and the PH community feedback will fuel our direction. We started with Android so our iOS app is a little less feature-rich, but we're quickly catching up. We're really eager for your feedback. This project was built with no funding but lots of heart. We look forward to questions and comments on here, or you can email me at See you on Yeplive… our team will be streaming live all day and we’d love to meet you.
Eric Willis
Eric Willis@erictwillis · Working on something new
@elizabethstavro What is your plan to survive in a world that has Periscope and Meerkat?
Vanessa Benlolo
Vanessa BenloloMaker@vanessabenlolo · CSO, Yeplive
@erictwillis @elizabethstavro Thanks for asking such a thoughtful question! Some of the things that make us different are that Yeplive enables users to create interaction and engagement on many platforms, as Yeps can be shared on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more too come. Yeps remain live on the map for 24 hours and are then archived to each user’s profile. You can also search and discover by hashtag or title or filter by live, popular, or following. Yeplive is location-based which allows you to find out what happens locally and globally and has the potential to connect people. With your Yep, you can move people to the place you are at, creating fluidity between the digital world and the real-world. It allows you to beam someone into your experience either digitally or physically if they are nearby. Over time, Yeplive will be the place where we can see the live history of a location or a person.
Kori Handy
Kori Handy@koridhandy · VP of Design
great product, already be proven by the obvious players. What is stopping them from doing the small features that make you different from them? just curious :)
Elizabeth Stavros
Elizabeth StavrosMaker@elizabethstavro · Co-founder
@koridhandy great question. As you know, features can be added to any platform with time and resources, so features are by no means our unique value prop. What truly differentiates us is our vision. Ultimately Yeplive will be a different product because of the people building it and what motivates us. We started building from the pain point of not being able to see global events as they're unfolding from the people on the frontlines who were experiencing the event, and to share their experience. We essentially set out to democratize the media landscape and give everyone a voice. The fact that we're entirely location centric and share to all social platforms gives us different DNA than other livestreaming apps. It's still early, and although we have the big two players already in the game, there's always room for someone to come along and do things differently/make things easier. Passion for what we do drives us. We've also got some pretty neat patented innovations that we'll rolling out in the near future....stay tuned ;)
Eddie DaRoza
Eddie DaRoza@eddiedaroza · Video Producer - Social Media Marketing
Down to try this out. I'll live stream from the Venice skatepark today.
Vanessa Benlolo
Vanessa BenloloMaker@vanessabenlolo · CSO, Yeplive
@eddiedaroza Looking forward to seeing you on Yeplive and chatting with you on there! Hope to see your yep on Facebook as well!
Tony Anastasi
Tony Anastasi@tony_anastasi · Filmmaker, works with startups in China.
dead app, ?