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Roman Sidorenko
Roman SidorenkoHunter@sidorenkor
hi guys! I created Yep because i'm sick of seeing people more interested in their smartphones than real life. I'm a firm believer in spontaneity, which is why Yep offers 1-hour search for company with no history of messages. My big bet is for Yep to become a simple answer to 2 questions: who can I share with whatever activity I'm in the mood for today? And how i can find out about today's cool events in the area?
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@sidorenkor fantastic design and I like the ephemeral aspect of this. When you create an activity, it only lasts for a limited time (e.g. 30 mins). Of course this is dependent on network effects and from my brief experience with it, there are very few people in SF on Yep! How are you growing your userbase?
Roman Sidorenko
Roman SidorenkoHunter@sidorenkor
@rrhoover glad you like it, We are working right now on Yep! 2.0, should be much better! User acquisition for now is only viral + press, l and some users are coming from our @pureapp. We were lucky to be able to test our product hypothesizes for free and after Android version in AppStore we will start playing with marketing
Martin Shen
Martin Shen@martinshen · UpOut
@sidorenkor Some suggestions: You cannot monetize this product until later because you need to have more users. You should have deeper profiles than just Name + Job (See Weave App for profiles). You should fake some users by getting friends etc. to focus down into a specific area.
Roman Sidorenko
Roman SidorenkoHunter@sidorenkor
@martinshen completely agree. Our goal in NYC and Yep! 2.0 is on it's way with your suggestions.
Andrew Brackin
Andrew Brackin@brackin · Growth at Visor
Looks awesome, I would use this. Tea with Strangers is a project that has got a lot of traction in the bay area. If you somehow convince people it's more like that than a dating tool then I'm sure interesting people would try it.
Roman Sidorenko
Roman SidorenkoHunter@sidorenkor
@brackin Well, in this world anything become dating eventually, even Secret :) But for Yep! we are very strict - no gender filter, no age, etc. Thanks for Tea with Strangers, will check them out
Michael Champlin
Michael Champlin@mjchamplin · Designer & Storyteller
I second @rrhoover here -- love the product, love the fleeting nature of the whole thing, but not a lot of active users. I'd love to hear about how you plan to grow your base.
Roman Sidorenko
Roman SidorenkoHunter@sidorenkor
@mjchamplin because our goal is to bring people offline, we are going to start from one city (NYC) and work with local events, especially outdoors. Central Park alone is a huge playground for us.