Don't study a language, speak it!

Yenga connects people from all around the world in real-time conversations to get fluent in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Catalan. It’s 100% free with no ads.

Practice in a single tap. Effortless. Just chatting and hanging out with people. Anytime and anywhere. Living, learning and having fun together.

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I like the concept of language learning through interactive conversations, nice work! 😄 I’m a bit curious though about how you match users based on their speaking level, any change you could a bit elaborate on that?
@bgeneugelijk Hello Bastian, thanks for the support! I will try to make it simple: In Yenga people have language levels from 0(lowest knowledge) to 6(highest/native/fluent). · 0-2.5 target language level: the matchmaking will look for language exchange conversations only where he can offer his knowledge of other languages. Example: one user with English 6 and Spanish 1 will join a conversation with someone Spanish 5 English 2. *The guy knowing Spanish is not a 6 but with a 5 you can bring a lot of value to the Spanish 1 guy. · 3-4.5: With these levels, you can make Conversations in your Target Language(CTLs) or language exchanges. And the default conversation priority would be CTLs (You can change the priority in settings from Default to Exchange to CTLs). Having a level over 3 you can start speaking only in your target language because you can hold a conversation, so we will look for CTLs with people close to your level to be speaking 100% of the time in your target language to gain confidence and learn from each other speaking, and if we don't find CTLs we'll try with exchanges. · 5-5.5: With these levels, you can make CTLs and Exchanges, but we prioritize Exchange in the Default setting because the user would like to perfect his English(example) and we will prioritize to connect him in Exchange with 6s. ·6: If you have a 6 level that is a fluent/native level and you look for conversations we will put you in CTLs because you don't want to learn other languages, you just want to speak or help in a language that you are fluent.
are you doing it with native speakers?
ooh based on level, ok.
@rolandertoth thanks for asking, tho ;D
Really practical language.
Great job!! 😊 unique concept
@ayush_chandra Thanks, let's see if we can make the live user base grow!
Any plans on an iOS launch?
@thewrongjoshua Yes, we would love to! We are waiting for Yenga for Android to have a consistent live user community to start developing the iOS version. Thanks for the support!