Airbnb for solar power

#3 Product of the DayAugust 27, 2015
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Thanks Ben. Hey Product Hunters, This is Amit, I'm a co-founder and CEO at Yeloha. We started Yeloha so that you and I and practically everyone could switch to solar energy. Just like that. Online and effortlessly. Even without panels on your roof. Energy is all around us. There's more of it than humanity will ever need - thanks to the sun. And yet - - most of us can't capture it, and have to do with fossil fuels that are expensive and polluting. It's all about helping each other achieve together what we usually can't do alone. By sharing it. Yeloha, our peer-to-peer Solar Sharing Network was born to make solar accessible to "the rest of us" – the people that do not own a solar-suitable roof, renters and apartment dwellers, by sharing solar with those who own a sunny roof. We tried to make it as easy as possible. Visit Yeloha. Subscribe to solar power from a solar panel on someone else's roof. Get it for 1 year or for a life time of clean energy. Take a look, tell us what you think. Amit
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@amitrosner it looks like the future is now :)
Hey @simooncave - that energy has been flowing for about 4.6 billion years now (but who's counting)... doing our best to remove the obstacles so we can all take a sip
@amitrosner Just signed up. Eager to see it in action - well done!
@amitrosner dude! As someone who was previously helping a solar company build an online product I love this!
@husseinyahfoufi thanks a lot! there's so much offline in this industry to digitize... no wonder the soft cost weighs more than the hardware!
Cool to see that the sharing economy has come to solar power. @amitrosner would love to hear where the idea for Yeloha came from, the story, etc. Thanks! Also make sure to check out Project Sunroof which was recently added to Google Maps.
Thanks @benln - Yeloha originated from great personal frustration.. we realized that most of our team can't go solar because we don't own a sunny roof. Then we figured out that's also true for 92% of the population...
I really love this. What geographies are you starting with?
@ronch thanks! we launched in the US. should eventually be wherever the sun shines ;-)
@amitrosner Do you have any case studies or example customer stories you can share? How much money they saved?
@alancassinelli here's what some of our users had to say:
@amitrosner Do you have any numbers to share? hard data?
@alancassinelli it's all pretty fresh, just recently launched, please keep in touch, we'd love to update once we have substantial data.
Wow!! I love it. How long does the process take after you decide to become a host ?
@or_ron thanks! for the Sun Hosts who get the panels on their own roof, the installation itself is the fastest step: it takes 1-3 days depending on the size of the roof. The permitting process varies by municipality and utility, can take weeks. For the Sun Partners, who subscribe to solar from a remote Sun Host's roof, the installation and permitting are transparent - their experience begins and ends online.