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Thank you Jean(@aleattorium) for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters! Vishwa, Co-Founder of YellowAnt here. YellowAnt is an assistant bot for teams that helps you manage all your workplace apps through simple commands. The YellowAnt makes sure that you don't miss out on any updates relevant to you at work, so that you can focus on the important stuff - building things that delight your customers! Take a minute to integrate the YellowAnt with GMail, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Trello and Twitter and the YellowAnt will keep you posted on any new activity. Want to schedule a meeting? Check for any new mails? Looking for a contact? Need help searching your files? Check for any outstanding tasks for the day? The YellowAnt will get it done! The YellowAnt is wherever you are - even in your team's Slack, listening to your commands. It can even archive things for you and record discussions right from within Slack. We're looking to integrate the YellowAnt with many applications in the coming weeks (GitHub, Jira, Asana, SalesForce, MailChimp, Intercom and Stripe), open up our API for developers to build cool stuff on top of the YellowAnt and also make the YellowAnt mobile, starting with Android(launching Feb 27th) and iOS(launching April 30th). We would be glad to have your feedback and answer any of your questions. Cheers!
@vishwakk We are seeing an interesting move in the 'bot-space' where there are more 'mega-bots' which sit as like containers for other bots to integrate. I'm really intrigued to see who will come out on top and what that takes. What made you choose specific integrations to prioritise? What could be good is to look at top tools used by startups via Siftery and look at trying to get them integrated first to let the tech-startup world be the driving force here. It's actually something I personally think @auren at Siftery should be looking at building themselves too!
@bentossell @auren Hey Ben! Thank you for your inputs. We started with tools that don't require a high learning curve and have simple tasks associated with them that are repetitive in nature. So we went with Google Calendar, Gmail, Contacts, Drive, Trello and Twitter. Moving forward, we'll integrate with heavyweight tools like GitHub, Jira, Asana Bitbucket etc. where people can use the YellowAnt as a CLI to interface with their apps. What we believe will drive the YellowAnt is the interaction process, which we want to make as simple and intuitive as possible. Startups form our primary user-base and our greatest source of inspiration. We keep an eye on platforms like Siftery and are constantly looking for feedback from our users as to what Integrations they need.
Another nice project I saw growing up inside Startup Study Group. Hope to see it around! :)
Nice little trick, you can tweet from inside your slack group :)
@aleattorium Built it just for Slack users like yourself who love Twitter! The YellowAnt can currently tweet for you and follow anyone from inside Slack. We will add more Twitter functions onto the YellowAnt, like pulling the top tweets for a hashtag and fetching tweets from a Handle.