Year of Hustle

A free cheatsheet on starting a $10k product business

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Hey everybody! You may know me as "that chick with the funny named product course" (30x500). I've helped a ton of designers/devs bootstrap a product biz. But, I've also seen so many *completely capable* people freak out at the specter of the big goal and give up before they even begin. Frankly it breaks my heart. So, I decided to do something to help everyone see how little it takes to start. To really break it down into bite-sized numbers and bite-sized tasks. This free guide took about 2 weeks to produce, and I hope it helps you! I'm happy to answer any questions about what's in the guide, or the guide itself.
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@amyhoy everything you put out is awesome! thanks for your work.
@clouvi Thank you! Definitely tweet me what you build with it :D
If you're thinking about starting a product business, you NEED this cheatsheet. It's solid gold!
So much awesomeness in one PDF!
Just wanted to thank you for this. Looks really great!
@thisischrisbell You're welcome! Let me know how you use it!
This looks cool