Year of Colour is a data visualisation tool for Instagram that shows you the colours you've used in your posts throughout the year.

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Happy New Year product hunters! I've been building this side project that if you're on Instagram you might have seen pop up in your feed over the last few days. I thought it'd be nice to share it with you all too. I'm a designer and technologist and often do experimental projects with data and image-making. I thought it would be interesting to make a shareable visualization of your Instagram images throughout the year, starting with the question - is there a correlation between the colours you use in your images and how much they are liked by your followers? I was also itching to learn a handful of new technologies, so this is the result. Over the last couple of weeks my little side project has made about 300,000 reports, and it's just about held up to a couple of million page views in the process. There's some interesting stuff under the hood here that I'm happy to share. React, serverless, a little bit of machine vision, GraphQL… I've learnt a ton doing this! Oh, and I'm British, hence the *correct* spelling of Colour in this project name 🧐
Always curious to see what is the next thing that Stef comes up with.
Why is it physically impossible to resist these little novelties that ask only for our complete social profile and history? I'm not against it - it's just incredible ROI, building these things.

Gives you the most used colours in your Instagram photos over the last year. Essentially giving your your palette for the year. It's great in that you can select specific months and see how the colours in your photos change during the year as the seasons change...


Intuitive, easy to use and fun!


Could have greater detail

Fun idea, @stef. Here's mine:
@rrhoover thanks for trying it out! That definitely looks like your colours. Surprised not to see a PH orange in there though?