What did you make in 2017? What did you learn? Post your year-in-review and share it!

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I ❤️ reading year-in-review posts from other makers. I get a lot out of them. I thought it'd be cool to collect these Year in Reviews in a central place so everyone could read them. Feel free to submit your own! Happy new year! 🎉💃
@mijustin I love this! Wrote my first review last year and now I look forward to writing about my year annually. Great work Justin!

Some people monitor police radio. Others binge Netflix. Justin is always monitoring TheMuse - the universal radio broadcasting what makers are thinking.


I had this idea and sent it subliminally to the universe.


It could have a List View with top rated reviews ;-)

@mijustin You inspired me to start writing my first Year in Review post last year and continuing this year. I love the idea of collecting all Year in Review posts. Great project! Keep on rockin'!
@sammyschuckert thanks so much Sammy!