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I ❤️ reading year-in-review posts from other makers. I get a lot out of them. I thought it'd be cool to collect these Year in Reviews in a central place so everyone could read them. Feel free to submit your own! Happy new year! 🎉💃
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A very inspiring product - it is uplifting to see the posts of others and seeing how they reflect on 2016. You may not have had the best year, you may have had a great year, but you made it and 2017 is right around the corner. One thought - people obviously wrote more on their personal websites or medium about their year in review than on this site. An interesting challenge/problem would be getting more of that information on this product instead of it being a click away - some of them seem like snippets of the year in review. Best feature (in my humble opinion) - "what is your goal for 2017" - sharing that out loud provides a little accountability and hope. Bravo @mijustin 👏👌
@kevinguebert yes! I'm hoping to iterate on the intake form next year. For now, I'm manually approving each submission.
Very cool. I'd also recommend taking a look at as a source inspiration for format. Maybe doing deep dives into certain people's yearly review and releasing them monthly or something. Regardless, great job!