Year In Progress

An application to help you stop procrastinating

Year in progress is android application made for procrastinators. It allows you to track your deadline by showing the time left! Not in hours or days, but in |percentages. You can prioritize them, set the reminder notifications to keep track of the time.

This looks great. I'd love to see a desktop or iOS version.
Hi folks! I am not a product guy. This is one of my side project on which I am working on for the past month. This project is inspired by the @year_progress account on twitter which shows you year passed in percent. I think percentages are better perceived by human beings than a bunch of numbers showing days left to complete the task. So this application tacks the time passed for your deadline in percentages. There are many more features and I am working on many other features. Check out yourself and let me know if it works for you. Any advice on improvements is very welcome!
@year_progress Ohh BTW, I have one shitty website for this app too https://year-in-progress.firebas...
@year_progress @kevalpatel2106 Great idea Keval. I feel the same way about time as you. I love seeing time passing as %. i think time is important and seeing time from different perspectives will help us appreciate and understand it more. I made 168hr clock last year. I thought you would love it.
@year_progress @kyawtunsein Yes, I agree. Having percentages instead of hours will help us human to think about the long term.
Hey Keval, thanks for an app! Looks very nice, I will definitely give it a try because I'm a big procrastinator :D
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
Love the idea, will wait for the iOS version :)