Year In Progress

Day / month / year progress bars 📊 in your taskbar

Year In Progress is an app that simply displays the day, month and year progress bars in your taskbar

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I'm seriously contemplating making one of these progress bar apps. I swear, these will replace todo apps in tutorials soon 😅
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Hello again 👋 PH! Believe it or not this is the precursor to my first PH launch ever of which was featured just yesterday😊 I'm hoping to obtain a double feature😊 This project was heavily inspired by the great @andreyazimov and his mac app In fact, @andreyazimov is the whole reason I've got myself into developing taskbar apps for windows. I really saw the need here. I created this app first with the idea to eventually build Analytics Bar in the near future, but I needed to see if it was possible. With this, I wanted something a little "easier" to build before I stepped foot into Analytics Bar which I ended up launching first. So here it is, in all it's glory, the very popular Year Progress tweets for the windows taskbar. Hope you all enjoy it!
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@andreyazimov @gfunkeraapps I like to think having this would help with procrastination / letting Twitter distract me. But I fear it may not.
@abadesi haha ya it's all in good fun really and looks pretty cool to boot 😎
@gfunkeraapps Congrats man! Good job! Finally Window people will be happy :)
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@andreyazimov Thanks Andrey really appreciate the support man!! The windows fans are happy so far which is great:)
Great job!! 😊 Would love more unique design n interface for it as well do that it competes with Mac OS. Would love animation such as the product thumbnail in visual
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@ayush_chandra Thanks for your feedback! Are you wanting the progress bars to look visually prettier or more unique context menu? I could make a form instead of context menu that's more unique for sure. I did have an animated glowing effect originally for the progress bars, but it seemed too distracting so I pulled the plug on it.