YC Rejection Conditioner

Rejection conditioner for YC applications

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A daily mock email that spoofs a rejection from YC

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Chris MessinaPro@chrismessina · Go ahead, AMA 👉🏻 molly.com/chris
Too real.
Jonathan Z. WhiteHunter@jonathanzwhite · Designer and Javascript engineer
Hey everyone, @david_lee1 built this awesome tool to condition himself as well as others to rejection. YC applications were due last week so David decided to start with a rejection email from YC. 🎉
David LeeMaker@david_lee1
Big thanks @jonathanzwhite for the hunt!' I initially built this tool to send me a daily rejection email from every job that I applied to to condition myself to getting rejected. I figured that other people might find this tool valuable, and settled on YC since apps were due last week. Read more about Rejection Conditioner on TechCrunch: https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/0...
Jeff Osborn@jeff_osborn · Owner, work/ethic
Love it @david_lee1 & @jonathanzwhite! As you mentioned, it would be cool if you could customize it to be a rejection from other sources -- potential employers, publishers, colleges, etc. I could see people using it to condition themselves if they could enter a situation and get daily (or random!) rejection letters to fit their situation.
David LeeMaker@david_lee1
@jeff_osborn Thanks for the props! Generalizing this for other use cases is high up on my list of priorities :)