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Hey ProductHunt. I hacked this project together a few days ago for a friend. She's currently looking for a job as a product designer at small to medium sized startups. One of the things she was doing was manually going through companies that had been YC. To help her, I made a listing of all the career pages of YC companies so she can quickly check out what positions are available. I posted this to ProductHunt in hopes that it might help others as well with job search πŸ˜„
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@jonathanzwhite This is excellent, do you the code hosted for the project on Github which I can possibly use for some internal company purpose? I tried going through your Github repo, but couldn't find it
@jonathanzwhite Love it, super useful! Can we add one missing one to the page? https://paribus.co/careers (YC S15) :)
@eglyman Yea for sure. Will add.
@sumit_gupta Send me a DM on Twitter(@jonathanzwhite) and I can hook you up 😊
@jonathanzwhite Nice job! Have you added YC S16 companies to the list?
Awesome Project 😍 I just added it to my Hack Your Job Search collection https://www.producthunt.com/@gab...
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@gabriel__lewis Great idea! Let me see if I can find that data is available somewhere.
I wish they would add the city the company is located in.
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Very simple but powerful site. Great job!