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Alex@tallchainz · Sales and Marketing Intern, Broadridge
Yaytop is an awesome product that I saw grow from an idea during the inaugural year of my program, the Startup Olympics. From its inception, it was sure to be a winner. I was joined Niko and Aaron (and by joined, I mean sat at their table and watched them go to work on this awesome product). I then saw Aaron in August, where he showed me the product that they have been diligently beta testing ever since. Yaytop is the real deal, and the result of over a year of hard work. Everyone should give it a try and see the power of what student entrepreneurs are able to accomplish. For more information on student startups that have come out of Startup Olympics, check out https://mpowered.umich.edu/start...
Aaron and I are very excited to be on Product Hunt! The idea for Yaytop came about when we noticed one of our friends would send a potential Instagram post around to a group of friends on iMessage. The group would create several iterations of the picture using different photo editing apps and send it back around. We came to find out that due to the number of followers our friend had, she felt a pressure to have the best possible post so that it would receive the most positive feedback. We immediately started trying to figure out the best way to alleviate this sort of social pressure and facilitate these interactions that ultimately resulted in the moments being shared to large social networks. Yaytop is a product of this observation and nearly 4 months of customer discovery interaction while Aaron and I were members of the University of Michigan MPowered Start Up Academy. A lot of the pre-development work was also done in Michigan's Center for Entrepreneurship courses. We are now submitting updates (0.0.1 level) to Apple as quickly as the previous one is approved and released for download. We expect to have a major update (0.1 level) out at the beginning of April that will include several new features as well as a clearer sign up flow. Please let us know if you have questions or feedback as we continue to build Yaytop. Ultimately, this is a product we are building for our users. We are adding the features that people request and are always interested in hearing what anyone has to say.