Accounts receivables automation

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Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockHunterHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
Tired of using Excel to manage accounts receivables? Yaypay is a powerful SaaS that applies process automation, machine learning and AI to accounts receivables operations to accelerate collections, boost worker productivity, improve customer relationship management, and predict cash flow with greater accuracy. Done deal.
Eugene Vyborov
Eugene VyborovMakerHiring@eugene_vyborov
@writerpollock Hey thanks for hunting us!
Eugene de Beer
Eugene de Beer@eugenedbeer · Tinkerer, LinkdPro.com, Fitchfork.com
@evyborov @writerpollock I can't seem to find your pricing table? What does it cost to use your service?
Trent Bigelow
Trent Bigelow@trentbigelow · Cofounder @ Track.tax
@evyborov could this work for consultants (or the self-employed) or really just for traditional businesses?
Sergey Pirogov
Sergey Pirogov@perpetuous · CEO & Founder, wayme (www.wayme.tours)
Looks really good! Are you going to do mobile app for it?
Eugene Vyborov
Eugene VyborovMakerHiring@eugene_vyborov
@perpetuous Probably we will, but not in the nearest future probably.
Oleg  Dmitriev
Oleg Dmitriev@oleg_dmitriev · Full Stack Web Developer in WebiNerds
Amazing tool to organize your company's debit/credit transfers. You get all-in-one tool for analyzing your clients, predict payment time, send notifications, get statistics. Forget about all the problems with accounting and payments!
Kendall Hope Tucker
Kendall Hope Tucker@kendallhtucker · Founder, Polis
Pretty interface but how does this substantially differ from Quickbooks?
Max Thomas
Max ThomasMakerHiring@thundermax · Max Thomas
@kendallhtucker Great question. Yaypay actually integrates with Quickbooks. QB does the invoicing. Yaypay automates the collections processes via workflows that teams setup based on how they work. Also, Yaypay predicts cash flow and when a customer will pay, as well as includes a CRM specifically for Accounts Receivables so that all communication and contacts for A/R are in one place.
Artem Goldman
Artem Goldman@goldman_artem · CMO at Plink
Love it!
Max Thomas
Max ThomasMakerHiring@thundermax · Max Thomas
@goldman_artem Thanks! Vistabot looks very cool, and very helpful right now.
Eugene Vyborov
Eugene VyborovMakerHiring@eugene_vyborov
@goldman_artem Thanks Artem!