Record dumb videos on your Android phone

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Omar Pera
Omar PeraMaker@ompemi · CEO Reply.ai
Author here. Video in Android poses quite a technical challenge. This is a silly app with which we started to experiment. And then it became too funny not to share. We have a powerful video effects engine, we want to release a suite of YayCam apps progressively. Polaroid style videos for Instagram, Evil twin app, Draw text over videos similar to Pablo by Buffer, etc. All this with strong cross-promotion. We launched yesterday afternoon, and for the moment we have around 6k downloads with an average session of 2min. Feel free to ask anything! We have some experience launching Android apps, so maybe we can help
Andres Torrubia
Andres Torrubia@antor · CEO, Fixr.com
"too funny not to share" instant classic
Andres Blank
Andres Blank@andresblank · Co-founder of Scout
Really cool app! How challenging was it to combine camera effects with video recording?
Pablo Pera
Pablo Pera@espinchi · Reply co-founder
@andresblank I just replied to you out of the thread, sorry!
Pablo Pera
Pablo Pera@espinchi · Reply co-founder
(Response to Andres Blank, above) Quite a bit, actually. Reading video from the wide variety of Android devices is quite a challenge. Then, we needed on-the-fly transformations to the stream, which we implemented in C++, since we needed those to happen in real-time. And, when it's all done, to generate the final mp4 file you have to deal with the audio processing (we also apply a voice transformation) and video codecs. It would be great if we could build the "Aviary for video". But the technical challenge would be enormous.