Have fun with your Snapchat BFFs

YAS! is the fastest and most fun way to make plans with your friends on Snapchat. Select an activity that matches your mood, take a Snap with our fun stickers, post it to your Story, then wait for your friends to join.
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Looks like a great implementation of Snap's new Snapkit. Interested to see if this can evolve into something people can actually use to make plans (so many attempts at this but yet to see anything really stick beyond FB events).
@d0b0 you don't make plans with your friends with FB events though
@edisonjoao6871 I do all the time...one of the only reasons I use FB still is for planning stuff with friends
Snap is the next platform
Not available on the Mauritian App Store (Mauritius)
i want to use this but it isnt available in Australia