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Raphaël Chabaud
Raphaël Chabaud@raphael_chabaud
And another iOS exclusive app... Sigh. People need to check smartphone operating system market shares...
Cosmin Băluţă
Cosmin Băluţă@cosminbaluta · Marketing, Interbrands
Bravo, guys! Kudos! iOS really needed another fking video app. How about doing some market research and develop an app based on that? Android lacks this sort of apps, yet nobody seems to understand this. Everybody keeps crowding on iOS, where the competition is big, instead of getting some approvement on Android, reaching some great numbers and ONLY THEN, going for iOS where you'll have some numbers that support your platform and the REAL chance of getting to the top. Otherwise, you're just another video app that will be lost in the noise.
Evan Kimbrell
Evan Kimbrell@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
@cosminbaluta iOS is where the money is.
Cosmin Băluţă
Cosmin Băluţă@cosminbaluta · Marketing, Interbrands
@evankimbrell Maybe, but you're fighting 10 guys for 1$. On Android, max. 2-3 real competitors on a buck.
Margaret Hutchins
Margaret HutchinsHunter@margaret_hutchins
Beautifully designed video app from Blaq Creative!
Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker · elizabeth.ai
Okay. So far, THIS looks like the custom video app worth bothering to DL. I've tried a few others, and so far the best I could find was to try to use the @tastemade app for more than recipe vids, which... did not work. Downloading this NOW. @yarnvideoapp @margaret_hutchins
Chris Butler
Chris Butler@treejanitor · Founder, Yarn
I like everything but the name... ;-) https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip...
Pame Valdés
Pame Valdés@pamevls · CEO, Beek
@treejanitor Yeah, getyarn.io is the real Yarn 😛