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Yarn helps me re-discover my photo memories in a stream of automatically collaged photos from the different times, topics and places of life. A Daily Yarn jumps starts the process, but the greatest delight is when you just keep tapping the New Yarn button to get new collages on-demand. You just never know “what’s next” … and that is most of the fun! You get to see photos from times long forgotten or just yesterday. Yarn - Connect your photos. See your life!
I've always hated how photos are so locked away... This is a great step in exposing those hidden memories. Would be cool to plug into a digital photo frame to stream.
@samir_doshi Photo frames are the perfect place for seeing memories. Yarn will get there for sure in the not too distant future. There is so much delight in seeing the past. Yarn really wants to make that possible.
I've been a user since the start and watched Yarn improve month-by-month. Try it, stick with it for a bit and you will start to see the magic.
@andyparsons So glad you are enjoying Yarn!
I haven't used it yet because... I'm sending my data to an external service that is free... How does Yarn generate revenue then?
@ajimix Like many startup products we have started out for free so that we can try different features to see what people like the most. We are looking at different ways to charge in the future. But I think that if Yarn really and truly delivers value, then it will be worth it.
I have a few TB of images. Do I understand correctly that I would need to somehow pull them back onto my phone to use this or...?
@naweg Yarn is a photo cloud service, so your photos are in the Yarn cloud and only display on your phone while you are using the Yarn app. That said, the photos already on your phone in your Camera Roll (iOS) or Gallery (Android) are still there. Note that we only store JPG, PNG, GIF's. Video and other file types will come later.
@donnabella OK, looked at the site more closely, but guess I'm still missing where it says how many photos/how large a collection is supported? Also, I happen to use Google Photos which does not appear to be in your currently supported list. Is that on the way?
@naweg Get the updates iOS app and you will see that we now support Google Photos.