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This is interesting. I know a landscaper who could probably make really great use of this
@bhalp1 Thanks for the note Ben! Feel free to share the product with your landscaper friend. We'd love to serve him and get his feedback.
I feel like there should be a Yardbook for Farmers too... (if there isn't already!)
@bentossell thanks for the note Ben! We've actually gotten that request before, haha
@bentossell some very good gardening apps out there but haven't seen any for full-fledged farming operations
Feels like a very elegant Quick books for Landscapers, only free. Besides advertising, how will you make money?
@rsolo20 Thanks for the note Robert! We're exploring some focused monetization approaches including premium features and services among others. Some analysts estimate the lawn and landscape industry to be $76B (and that's just in the US) so we feel we are very well positioned to create and capture a lot of value in the market which is fragmented today.
@briangamido what about lead gen? I'd love to use a dedicated service like this over Angie's list or thumbtack to field landscapers - and I'm sure they'd gladly pay for leads
@passingnotes Hi David, thanks for the note! We've heard a lot of demand for this from our users too and we're definitely exploring some approaches.
@briangamido @passingnotes this is nitpicking (everything looks really great overall) but the shady, overgrown forest image you chose for the main homepage backdrop doesn't seem to reflect your product or customer base. perhaps one of the images you use further down in the page (photo of someone's yard? nicely manicured grounds?) would be better?
Great work! I work closely with a growing landscaping company and one of the biggest challenges they face is communicating custom tasks and requirements at each job. This along with tracking out of scope requests effectively. Is there a way you can provide custom views, such as a 'work order' type view for the staff and a dashboard view for management?
@dan8arton Thanks for the note Dan! Absolutely, we have role-based views for the admin managers and crew. The mobile app (in beta) has been a very effective view for the crew members.
@briangamido My father owns a landscaping company, one of the hardest tasks (I've seen it mentioned above as well) is communication of jobs between the office and the field. I implement all of his web solutions, is there any way for me to get access to the mobile app while its in beta?