Turn your smartphone into an audio tour guide

I love walking around cities and exploring new places on my own, so the thought of brining an on-demand audio tour guide with me is really appealing.
@corleyh Thank you Corley. We love to hear that. :)
This is awesome, I used to work as a National Park Service Ranger and we had something similar to this for battlefields I worked at and different historical parts of the city. Really fun. YapQ seems to be next level, the travel enthusiast in me can't wait to check this out. I wonder if this geared towards historical sites/tourist attractions or all types of cool spots.
@everette Thanks Everette, We display all the cool spots as well as the historical attractions and try to provide the right amount of both. The best this is you can use it every where and discover new places even at you neighborhood. Glad you like it :)
Added to my Walking Tours collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
@saoron - tell us more about YapQ. What was the inspiration?
@corleyh We all travel and from time to time you find yourself just exploring the city your in and have no one to ask about that building or just "What's around" - yapQ was build to fix all of that. We designed it to be as simple as possible with no keyboard unnecessary buttons.All you need to do is to open yapQ and listen to the places that catches your eye. yapQ also works offline so when abroad dont forget to take your new friend with you ;-)