Stream of consciousness notetaking

Just write. Don't worry about folders, notebooks, or even sentences. The selection and tagging system lets your organize after the fact, once you've put your ideas down.
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I made this product because I'm a very disorganized thinker, and wanted a note taking app that fit my own thought process. I wrote an article about the design philosophy behind the app - you can find that here: https://medium.com/@nichwch/what...
@nichwch This is great Nicholas!
Amazing work, Nicholas! I really like this super minimal design!
@zyumbik Thanks so much! I'm working on a version 2.0 right now, and I'll definitely take your feedback into account.
where I would need Yana more than anywhere else isnt on desktop but on my smartphone! I walked for creativity. I'm in and around Chicago most of the day where my thoughts are most disconnecred. My speech to text to Yana process would be awesome in those situations
@rockky The current text engine doesn't work properly on mobile. I'm currently in the process of rewriting it, so v2.0 will definitely support mobile! I'll think about adding speech to text functionality too.
A very good concept. I would suggest making selection detection more "bulletproof" -- as a user, I tend to double click a word, then extend my selection using shift+click :)
@chrisfr Thanks! I'll try building that into the next version
You can't just have a google-only login!
@jasonology It's an mvp right now, the next version will have more login options