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I know yammer isn't new #tbt ๐Ÿ™Š, but it is a pretty cool product. Also, side note, posting it helps me fill out my Microsoft M&A Collection ๐Ÿ‘Š- https://www.producthunt.com/@jfi....
What's the key difference between Yammer and the other social business apps (e.g. Slack)?
@erikclundberg Good question. I'd love to have @AdamPisoni or @FinkNate take this one :).
@jfilcik @erikclundberg I guess my honest answer is that Yammer came first :). It was the first unicorn of enterprise social (right?). Now Slack is taking off and maybe on track to be even bigger by some estimates. It's interesting how slack emerged at the same time messaging for consumer really took off. Maybe you could say Slack is the first Engineered ground-up for Mobile enterprise social app? Maybe I'm over-simplifying. Love to hear others opinions.
@jfilcik @erikclundberg Yammer has a CBO, so they have to take the cake on talent. As a PC user, how well integrated with Office is it?
@erikclundberg Honestly, I don't really use it much with Office on Windows. It's very well integrated with Office Online, posting docs on Yammer lets you edit them in Word/Excel/PowerPoint. I use the iPhone app a ton. It's really top notch.