The smart social media assistant, now on Facebook Messenger

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Hey hunters! Yoav here - I'm one of the humans behind Yala. Yala is a robot that helps you manage your social media from Slack or Facebook Messenger. It's easy - you send Yala your posts and she publishes them across all of your social media accounts. She also uses machine learning to calculate the best possible time to publish in order to maximize your reach. We were here on PH a few months ago with Yala v1, and I'm super excited to introduce Yala v2 today. This new version includes the Facebook Messenger version of Yala, LinkedIn account support, a brand new website, smarter timing and improved UX all-round. Can't wait for you to try it! One last thing: at Yala, we're big believers in transparency, and we'd love to share our stats from the past few months with y'all. If you share your email [1], I'll send you this month's investor update - and ONLY that. No further mailings at all. Hit me up with some questions! -Yoav [1] https://madmimi.com/signups/74fd...
@yoavanaki How do I share my email? That MadMimi link doesn't work.
@k3sava Apologies, Kesava! Here it is: https://madmimi.com/signups/74fd...
Wonder why Yala is staying away from Instagram? Will fall in love with her if she would operate my Instagram handle for me!
@sagar868 We're hard at work on a solution for you, Sagar! We just wanna do this perfectly for you :)
@sagar868 I think this is an instagram API issue - they won't allow posting outside of real-time. It's why apps like Hootsuite push a notif to your phone, then you have to do it live.
@samchristie @sagar868 Totally, Sam. We're keeping our fingers crossed for an API solution soon ☀️
@rogie Sounds good! I would prefer starting my free trial period once that's perfectly done. Would be glad if you could let me know about the updates. Or is there a way to do that without starting the trial? Thanks. Thumb's up for the concept!
@samchristie You said it! All of the post planning/scheduling Apps just remind about the scheduled posts only. That's like an assistant getting paid for full time and doing part time job. LOL!
May be it will learn to predict amount of likes and shares for the post!? :) that would be awesome!
@nastia_sartan thats insanity. if we could do that, whoaaaaa so cool!
You are doing great! Congrats)) I know is too early, but if you can suggest content by a query, e.g: dating and you suggest 5 links from around the web with some info, I swear I'll stop using Buffer and Google alerts and will pay for Yala :) P.S.: you can integrate some API's to get the best content, that way you will lead the user all the time inside Slack!