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Quickly discover popular things to do within a short walk of where you are, just by swiping. Launching in London Yaknak is building a community of unique recommendations you can't find anywhere else.

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I found this when I was Chicago and thought I might try it out. I see great potential in and can't wait to see where it goes. It's very intuitive! @yaknakapp
@3raxton Woohoo! Great to have you on team Yaknak, Braxton. Doubt there are any tips in Chicago at the moment, but we're delighted your one of the first yakkers in the city! Give us a shout if you want to get some info to kick things off in your city.
@yaknakapp There is one now for food! Might I suggest the ability to post multiple images for a tip as well as one that is not automatically cropped by the app. I will be sending an email soon. Brilliant work!
@3raxton @yaknakapp Great idea. We have made our entire product roadmap publicly available and will be adding your good idea shortly: https://trello.com/b/HdDT2j5I/ya... . Could you shoot us a screenshot of your tip, we'd love to push our first Chicago tip out on social. Thanks!
@hugowinn @yaknakapp Absolutely! I will make sure to include it within the email I am writing currently. Cheers!
Hello everyone, I'm Hugo, co-founder of Yaknak. Yaknak is an incredibly simple way find popular things to do nearby - just tap, swipe and go. We want to change how you explore your city by turning everything into a 'tip' and showing you the most popular tips within a short walk. It's early days for us and we'd love your feedback on Yaknak V.1 (a new look to tips is landing shortly). Give us a buzz on team@yaknakapp.com if you'd like to reach out. Happy yakking ! 😝
loved the name
@rohillion Thanks Rodrigo, happy yakking!