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An expansive vocabulary simplifies communication. Yak Tack uses spaced repetition to help people remember words.


  • Emily ThomasInteraction designer @Google

    This is a simple way to improve your vocabulary and remember words


    I can only have a few active words before it starts to becomes overwhelming. Be careful not to add too many words at once. It will happen :)

    It’s a great way to remember words or remind myself of interesting words that I hear on the go. I can simply email the word to Yak Tack and the definition is emailed back at interval that help me remember the definition.

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    Easy, Fun, Simple, Effective


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    I find the app simple and easy to use. It helps me broaden my vocabulary and understand more words in the English language. I feel smarter already :) I would recommend this app to others especially non-English speakers.

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Jeremy ThomasMaker@jgrahamthomas · Engineering @Gusto
Hey folks! I've long held a fascination with words and have been searching for techniques to improve my vocabulary. Often I'd hear a word in conversation, like extemporaneous, and look it up on Google. A week later I'd hear it again somewhere and forget what it meant. Spaced repetition is a learning technique that can significantly bolster recall. Once I discovered it, I knew I'd found the solution to my problem. Yak Tack is simple. Simply email "" with a word you'd like to remember. Or type it into the search box on to get started. I recommend"exogenous" or "apocryphal" to get started. (Note I heard Bob Costas use the word "apocryphal" to describe the origin story of Baseball once. I had to tack it). In the future, we're thinking of adding: - SMS support - Alexa and Google Home integration
Jarod Stewart@stewartjarod · Sr. Software Engineer, Yonomi
@yaktack @jgrahamthomas sms and voice assistants are great but I think a chrome extension would be greater!
Jeremy ThomasMaker@jgrahamthomas · Engineering @Gusto
@yaktack @stewartjarod Great idea. Being able to highlight a word and quickly "tack" it would be huge. I'll add that to the backlog!
Matt Holsinger@mattholsinger · Owner, Enthrallogy Marketing
That logo looks like a naked person doing yoga from behind. And now I can’t see anything...butt... that.
Jeremy ThomasMaker@jgrahamthomas · Engineering @Gusto
@mattholsinger Ha! Yes, I suppose yak heads are duplicitous in that way.
Matt Holsinger@mattholsinger · Owner, Enthrallogy Marketing
@jgrahamthomas Yaks are, indeed, notoriously surreptitious.
Jeremy ThomasMaker@jgrahamthomas · Engineering @Gusto
Seriously, thought this had something to do with the old anonymous app yak. Logo looks similar. No one is going to go to some lame site to work on their vocab. This could work as an app, but you also need crap fillers. By this I mean add-ons like "word of the day," "this day in word history," "origins of word," etc.💩 Like that.
Jeremy ThomasMaker@jgrahamthomas · Engineering @Gusto
@stonercoin the constructive aspects of your comment are interesting — word of the day, etc. I’m thinking of doing an app, although Yak Tack is largely email-based in its present form.