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Hello again PH fam! Yak is a project I’ve been sitting on for a couple of years now. Back in the early days it was a personal Amazon S3 blog I used as a draft/dump zone for all of my random article bits and pieces. It was essentially just a nice way to get documents from my favorite writing tool, (Byword and Ulysses at the time) into an online format that automatically updated as my documents updated. My tools have changed from desktop apps to Dropbox Paper and while I don’t write quite as much as I used to the idea is still there and I’m super excited to be able to make Yak available to everyone today! The concept is extremely simple if you use Dropbox Paper at all yet (which you definitely should be). 1. Create your [username]@yak.farm account 2. Share files and folders with said [username]@yak.farm 3. Enjoy blog at [username].yak.farm It’s free for now and I’ll always maintain a free tier but if there’s interest I’ll be rolling out a paid version with support for custom domain, other document providers like Google Docs and Amazon S3 as well as fluffy features like premium themes and other user requests. I hope you’ll give it a shot and find yourself enjoying it as much as I am. As an aside before all you tech savvy people start asking, yes, you can completely customize the look and feel of your Yak blog. Once you sign up there will be a settings.json and style.css in a new ./Apps/Yak Farm/ folder in your Dropbox account. The settings file is basic and not really to be fiddled with yet on the free tier but the style.css is ready for action. Thanks for the hunt @shpigford
@tyvdh @yak @shpigford What is the pricing for the premium version?
@naveenkumar We haven't gotten that far yet. 🙃 Any premium features you're looking for in particular?
@naveenkumar Once you've got a blog set up email me tyler@yak.farm. I'll get you set up for free.
@tyvdh @yak I am on it :) Thanks for the offer.
For those who want something similar for Evernote, there's http://postach.io
@livejamie Postachio keeps coming alive and then dying again. Last August they sent me an email swearing they were back and going to support it and all the other promises. By the end of September it had all gone quiet again. Shame, as it was a really, really good idea.
for onenote :(
Pleased I've come across Yak. Love how simple it is to use. One of the main reasons I've not really got on with Wordpress is the super confusing dashboard with way too many options all shouting for attention!! Thanks for developing Yak! Great idea. Looking forward to see how you build on it and very keen to be able to connect a custom domain name.