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#5 Product of the DayAugust 08, 2016
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Yahoo just launched a streaming service powered by Hulu content. The tie-in with tumblr is interesting, encourage viewers to create GIFs of shows. I didn't realize Hulu will be ending its free streaming offering (h/t @sarahintampa on TC).
@rrhoover @sarahintampa do you think this will present a major competition for Netflix?
@basictechy @rrhoover @sarahintampa I look at it this way when iTunes and the iPod launched when Kazaa was apart of our culture. Netflix has over 75,000,000 paying subscribers not america alone their are over 350 million people....Netflix has a lot of growth to obtain internationally. Why do people subscribe to Netflix? Because of the exceptional original content, because the experience leaves you feeling pleased in so many ways miniscule, so many small things they do was intentional to win. Yahoo has always been a "watered down" version of something that could "one day" be exceptional, until that changes yes people will use it for FREE it's free but to say it can and is competing with something of tremendous value that millions of people currently paying for is to undervalue a lot of Netflix efforts as to why it's such a tremendously valuable company. Will free win? As people have always done, even those who have a netflix subscription will check this out, but to say they will "fire" Netflix for this hulu/yahoo crap that I can only imagine the worst experience ever littered with ads and slow and unresponsive no human being will enjoy that. I've used hulu before it is the absolute worst period. Netflix has a really amazing formula. I see more competition from Amazon & Snapchat ( long term ) than anyone else really. just a sad and desperate attempt to be "relevant" and cool lol because they don't understand how to be innovative. But competition is great for the consumer this keeps everyone else that is alive or thinking about moving in non complacent. Their has to be that motivation to move and be better so this is a step in the right direction for us to get improvements across the board.
@rrhoover We're releasing live stream giffing soon (like later this week). Will be interesting for sure.
@nicholassheriff only 130m households in the US...
@chhhris "only"? I wasn't focusing on households I was just adding the statement behind how many actual people make up the US and how many subscribers Netflix has. As to showcase the ratio in which they are currently at. Majority of their paying userbase is in the Us right now. Which is changing given their recent international expansion. They have subscribers now in over 40 countries. Free was always an option free has been here since the beginning of the internet, yes even before Youtube, even before kazaa...people still torrent to this day...millions of people hundreds of millions of people that doesn't at all mean people don't exchange value in various ways that actually is deeper that just monetary like exchange both ways. I was making the point that the only thing human beings care about is an exchange of value for another, once that equation is more in service in many ways toward a company's lofty ambitions for financial profit and goals above the users conditions of value you get a missed opportunity and normally a horribly disproportional experience to even call it a competitor. We've been paying for things for a very long time we all do, weather it's with our time, our money or our efforts that's never going to change in 100 years. So the companies that are playing the long game are going to win here. I don't see this as a long game play was my point it feels like a saturday night hackathon rather than a real well thought out intentional plan to compete and offer something substancial. Netflix spends billions of dollars on their original programing and has spent countless years developing deep learning and algorithmic systems to govern how they discuss, strategies and purchase and promote their original content, I've never seen this level of dedication so far from a lot of other players.
At first I thought it was like the french Molotov TV app. But it's really just a Hulu client in a purple dress... And location / tech requirements are still painful too.
Get ready to see this: We're sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States...
Flash plugin required...
Yahoo was sold and then weeks later a new product emerge. I think this is a good first step. Already watching sci-fi movies on Yahoo view
@basictechy this product was in the works months before
@basictechy Correlation is not causation. There is no way this service was built in two weeks. The contract would have taken longer to negotiate! 😆