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Happy streaming :)
@rmstein app looks great can't get it in Australia. ?
@bradaus @rmstein right now we're US only
I like it - with the always-increasing number of streaming options, an app like this is a must-have utility for me. I've been using Can I Stream It? recently, but I like the UI here much better. And using animated .gifs for the mood picker is pretty clever.
missing all the key filters to make this really useful (imdb ratings, recent...)
Very cool! Downloading now.
Hey Product Hunt! I'm thrilled to share that today we went live with Yahoo Video Guide, a brand new app on iOS and Android that we see as the first step in bringing you an easier, faster way to find and stream your favorite movies and TV shows in the cord-cutting age. As our favorite films and shows have flowed out of the cable-box and into dozens of apps, we saw an opportunity to create the connective tissue in the streaming era. I personally spend a lot of my time opening numerous streaming apps, scanning for what’s new and repeating searches just to see what is playing on each service. Now, we hope that you won’t have to. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts! Thanks @rrhoover and team for starting the conversation :)