Conduct a survey, collect contacts or feedback from your customers. Yafi is easy to set up. You're gonna like it.
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Hi there! I present you Yafi — feedback widget. This is a powerful tool for creating a better user experience for your website. Create any survey you need: add any questions (with a text answer, response options, emoticons, contact information, NPS), show it on certain pages and devices, or after specific users actions, adjust colors of the widget to make it look fit on the site. We just started, but we work hard to make our product better. We'd love to hear your feedback, both the good and the bad. Hope you’ll like it!
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I will try this.
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@kendraratulangi let us know if you have any questions :)
Great work. I appreciate it.
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I liked it but had few doubts, can I customise the colour? Also can i change its placement?
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@nutpanda Thank you! Yes, you can customize color and placement. Also you can set the widget to show on specific pages only or after specific user actions.
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looks cool! I love anything that helps the user/customer's voice breakthrough more clearly
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