Yacht - L.A. plays itself

High Uber Surge prices unlock a music video

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DamjanskiMaker@damjanski · Do Something Good
YACHT, a Los Angeles-based conceptual pop group, is launching their new single "L.A. plays itself" with a web experience that is connected to the Uber API. Every time Uber activates surge pricing in Los Angeles today, the music video will become unlocked on the website. Let us know what you think.
Alain Lagrecque
Alain Lagrecque@alainlagrecque
Neat hack of the Uber API. Would be cool to get 10 or 20 secs of the song and then have to wait for surge pricing to hear the rest. I'm unlikely to come back to the site if I have no clue if I like the song/band...still love the idea though.
DamjanskiMaker@damjanski · Do Something Good
@alangarrec interesting point man. people can follow Yacht for Uber Surge updates on twitter. So it's easier for them to see the video.