Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Improve your sleep at the touch of a button

Yaasa Adjustable Bed is that works with most modern mattresses. 10 year warranty and free shipping - $1299, or $85/month.

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Thanks for hunting @kristofertm, now we're all addicted to our screens we can't sleep properly anymore, I expect we will continue to see innovations within the sleep space. This reminds me of a hospital bed, or the kind of bed people aged 60 and over buy to help with their back pain. I'd love to see reviews from people who have tried it 😴
Hi @abadesi, the Yaasa Adjustable Bed is much more than your average hospital bed. Our adjustable is the only one that ships in a box that has a wall-hugging feature. All technology (motors & electronics) are hidden, allowing for a maximum of under-bed-storage. The bed features two USB outlets to charge your smart devices, two pre-saved positions (anti-snore & zero gravity), and is compatible with most mattresses and fits most bed decors. You will find comfort beyond sleep, where you can incline the head/ foot of the bed to work, read and watch your favorite show. Aside from that, is the best looking adjustable bed in the entire industry.
Standing ovation 👏🏻👏🏻 Would be happy if you guys launch it in India ,I would be thefirst buyer. What’s the pricing and stuff ?
@ayush_chandra We currently only offer shipping within the US. As for pricing, Queen $1499 and King $1799.
@johannes_sauer and @Kendall_Urschel What are considered "modern Mattresses" ? I have a memory foam I'm not looking to replace right now. How do I know if Yaasa will work with it?
@kendall_urschel @kristofertm – Hi Kristofer, a memory foam mattress works very well with the adjustable. We have to say with many modern mattresses, because some of the older-style coil mattresses use a border wire for stability reasons and those don't bend. I should also mention that the adjustable drops into existing bed frames and so you don't have to replace your bedroom decor that you already have at home. But it looks nice as a stand-alone frame as well since the bed is sort of floating in space.
@kendall_urschel @johannes_sauer Great. Thanks for the info Johannes!
@kendall_urschel @kristofertm – You are very welcome. BTW: We have created a coupon code for $100 OFF for producthunt.com users. Just apply code producthunt during checkout!