Y Combinator for Non-programmers

Free course on one of the coolest ideas in Computer Science

Have you heard of “Y Combinator”? If so, did you know that it’s actually the name of a really cool Computer Science concept? If you didn’t know, learn about it on my free course! It’s mobile friendly & requires no coding knowledge—I’ll teach you using emojis.
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👋Hello Product Hunt! I spent over a year creating this course. It's a free, interactive online course where non-programmers can learn about Y Combinator, one of the coolest ideas in computer science. The best part: *there's no coding involved*. Instead, you’ll learn by solving emoji puzzles. The no-code revolution is coming to computer science education as well! The course has 17 pages and takes about 2-3 hours for most people in my testing, but you can take a break in between. 🤔 Why did I make this course? First, I studied computer science in college, and I can say that Y Combinator is one of the coolest concepts in computer science I learned. So, from a non-programmer’s point of view, by taking this course, they can learn one of the coolest ideas in computer science as quickly as possible, without having to learn to code or study other boring stuff along the way. It could be the fastest way for non-programmers to understand why computer science is interesting. Second: I know that many of my non-programmer friends want to actually understand computer science concepts, such as AI or blockchain. However, they can’t learn these ideas because they don’t have the necessary programming knowledge. Pretty much all learning resources that teach computer science concepts assume that you know programming. So I want to make it easier for non-programmers to learn computer science concepts as quickly as possible—without having to learn to code. This course is my first step in this direction. 🙏 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! --- 💼 I'm also looking for a full-time, remote full-stack engineering job. Contact me at shu@chibicode.com if you're interested. 👨🏻‍💻 If you’re a programmer, check out the technical article I wrote about this course: “You Can Explain Functional Programming Using Emojis” https://ycombinator.chibicode.co... 😸 The source code for the course is available on GitHub: https://github.com/chibicode/yco... 🇯🇵Also, the Japanese version of this course launched 2 months ago and was read by thousands of people: https://yj.chibicode.com/